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Democratic design by Konstantin Grcic

When a product bears the signature of a famous designer, you don’t always expect affordability. The new arwa-pure line is the exception. Designed by Konstantin Grcic, arwa-pure is priced in the mid-range segment.

“I sought the perfect symbiosis between form and function for the new faucet range. Thanks to Swiss manufacturing precision, we were able to combine formal clarity with maximum user convenience. We achieved our desire for sustainability in the shape of the Eco+ function. In its standard position, the ergonomic mixer lever dispenses cold water instead of a combination of hot and cold as with traditional mixers.”
Konstantin Grcic

The arwa-pure washbasin, bath and shower mixer have a delicate beauty and exclusive touch and feel. Thanks to their democratic design, they blend superbly into private homes, contract bathrooms, restaurants and hotels alike.

Design philosophy

The fascinating nature of Grcic’s design comes from his focus on human needs and logical processes. He also remained true to this philosophy in the design of arwa-pure, creating the bath and shower mixers with bodies and outlets in a conical shape you can see and feel, and a slender lever with a substantial underside. He describes the inspiration for his latest design: “Although the faucet lever looks extremely fragile, the underside is substantial with rounded contours – and is easy to grip like a door handle. In contrast to large levers which require a less delicate touch, the small arwa-pure lever encourages us to be mindful of our use of water.”

The line at a glance

The line includes two washbasin models with different outlet lengths, a tall mixer for washbasin bowls, a flush-mounted wall mixer, bidet mixer, bath and shower mixer to achieve an “all-over” bathroom look.

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