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SK Laurin

The faucet range for the complete bathroom suite

With the new SK Laurin range of bathroom faucets, Similor Kugler demonstrates how to create maximum impact with a minimalist design – at an affordable price, with the most efficient energy ratings.

The most striking design feature of SK Laurin is its convex shaped handles and outlets. These exude a refreshing sense of independence and simply feel good in the hand. In addition, their slightly convex shape allows water to flow freely, giving limescale little chance to form. These curves are skilfully and rather beautifully offset by the linear design of the back of the faucet. Last but not least, the flush-mounted jet aerator lends an air of even greater sophistication to the appearance of the washbasin faucets.

The faucet range for the complete bathroom suite

SK Laurin is a complete range providing consistent, accentuated bathroom design. It includes two washbasin mixers with a range of projections, a pedestal basin mixer, a bidet mixer, matching bath and shower faucets with mechanical mixer and in-wall mixer for bathtub and shower.

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