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Flush-mounted system Simibox

Outstanding technology and easy handling

The bathroom is increasingly morphing into a living and leisure space. And with it, there is a growing need for matching design interiors. Simibox offers a solution for concealing modern faucet technology behind the wall for simple, easy access. A solution that emphasises the architecture, creates a comfortable ambiance and helps make best use of space. The flush-mounted Simibox system combines outstanding technology with easy handling and high design standards. 

Simibox Light & Simibox Standard

For the shower, select either the Simibox Standard with integrated water shut-off and reversibility of supply and discharge lines, or the simplified Simibox Light version, depending on the situation. Take your time to choose between mechanical or thermostatic mixers and the different models available. And, if after many years’ service, it no longer suits, you can simply select another model to achieve a sparkling new look: all pre-assembled sets for Simibox Light & Standard flush-mounted shower mixers and bath mixers are interchangeable.

Simibox 1-Point & Simibox 2-Point

Select the flush-mounted Simibox 1-Point or Simibox 2-Point system if you wish to install a space-saving, elegant wall faucet for the washbasin alongside your compact faucet package for shower and bath. In addition to wall-mounted mixers, a shower mixer is now available for the Simibox 1-Point.

For further information about functionality, assembly and the whole range, select the appropriate flush-mounted Simibox system here.