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Simibox 1-Point

Innovative installation

With dimensions of just 82 × 82 mm, Simibox 1-Point is the first compact flush-mounted system on the market. Thanks to its compact size, only minimal structural changes are required when it is wall-mounted. The brass body of the Simibox 1-Point is cast in one piece and combines the outlet and the control. The system is based on clever technology that incorporates practical installation tools, making it easy to fit. The workflow and installation remain largely unchanged, regardless of how it is fitted. When the Simibox 1-Point is installed, the finish is simply attached to the recessed body and fixed with a screw.

Benefits at a glance

  • Minimum required space of 82 × 82 × 41 mm
  • Integrated pipes; the faucet is simply attached to the box
  • Box is supplied with Styrofoam box and protection cap
  • Optional installation support kit and extension kit

Installation & Design

arwa-twinplus and Kartell by Laufen faucets are currently available for Simibox 1-Point systems. The practical box design means that the faucet is simply attached to the box and secured with a screw.

Simibox 1-Point

in combination with

1-Point faucets of arwa-twinplus and Kartell by Laufen

Easy Installation

The Simibox 1-Point’s compact dimensions of just 82 × 82 mm mean that it can be installed in the wall with minimum space requirements – the box itself requires a depth of just 41 mm. The mixer can be installed at a distance of 58 – 83 mm. It can also be installed on the wall if reinstallation or new wall-mounting is necessary. In addition, correct installation is facilitated by the optional Simibox 1-Point installation support kit

Download Simibox 1-Point Installation Instructions
Download Simibox 1-Point Installation Support Kit
Download Simibox 1-Point Extension Kit

Installation in the wall

Installation on the wall

Support kit

Extension kit

Combination Simibox 1-Point with 1-Point Shower mixer arwa-twinplus