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Simibox 2-Point

The flexible flush mounting system

Simibox 2-Point is only 185 x 94 mm in size and thus extremely compact. In addition, it is particularly flat and thanks to its low installation depth of 47 to 72 mm it can be installed perfectly in thin intermediate walls. If the box is installed too low, an extension set of 25 mm is available. The small size has the consequence that only marginal structural changes occur in wall mounting. The distance between spout and handle is 100 mm. The Simibox 2-Point for arwa-twin and arwa-twinplus is equipped with a 35 mm cartridge. A total of three flush-mounted boxes, one each for the variants with handle on the right, left or up, are available.

The Simibox 2-Point for arwa-cityplus, arwa-pure and Kartell by Laufen is equipped with a 25 mm cartridge, the handle can only be placed on the right.


A practical mounting kit (Art.-No .: 5.29050.941.000) facilitates the exact positioning of the box. The brass body of the box is protected during installation by a Styrofoam box, which also ensures that the sound of the fitting does not transfer into the wall and thus into neighboring rooms. Further protection during assembly offers the protection cap. This is designed so that the diameter of the two cylinders is the same size. So the installer can just mount the box with the help of a water cart. If the Simibox 2-Point is installed, the spout and the handle of the fitting can be simply placed on the mounting body and securely fastened with one screw each.

Mounting Instruction Simibox 2-Point (PDF, 2 MB)

Concealed Installation

On-wall Installation

Mounting Aid

Combination of Simibox 2-Point and 2-Point Washbasin mixer arwa-twinplus