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Simibox Light & Standard

Premium technology behind the wall

Three boxes and many different attractive designs in various shapes and price anges. Premium technology inside is paired with beautiful looks outside for a perfect finish. The exclusive design of our flush-mounted mixers adds the finishing touch to showering and bathing pleasure. Select your flush-mounted solution and design.




Benefits of Simibox at a glance:

Suitable for all types of installation
The Simibox is essentially suitable for every type of building project. The steps involved remain largely identical, irrespective of the installation type.

After mounting, the box position can be easily adjusted by up to 5º
If the box has not been mounted completely horizontally, the function unit of the Simibox Standard can be subsequently adjusted by 5° at either side.

On the Simibox Standard the connections for the supply pipes and mixed water outlets can be reversed at the turn of a hand.

Integrated stopvalves
Briefly turn two screws to stop the water. Thanks to the direct shut-off any maintenance work can be performed quickly and easily, without having to shut off the water in the entire building.

Variable fitting depth
Light-versions profit of a minimal fitting depth of only 74 mm which enables a save-space installation. Simibox Standard needs a minimum of only 102 mm.

Integral sound and vibration damper

Matches decor sets of arwa, Similor Kugler and Kartell by Laufen
All of our decor sets/assembly kits - mecanical or thermostatic - match to Simibox. Decors can be replaced or renewed subsequently.

Matches Sanimatic Twintronic
Washbasin mixer Twintronic with infrared sensors can be installed also with Simibox. This enables a very compact flush-mounted installation. An additional complement set to Simibox is needed. 

Fitting depth


Position adjustment by 5°

Reversible supply and discharge lines

Matches mechanical and thermostatic decor sets, can be replaced/renewed subsequently

Matches Sanimatic Twintronic

Simibox Light

min. 74 mm

Simibox Light

min. 74 mm

Simibox Standard

min. 102 mm

Construction & Design

Select the flush-mounted Simibox Light or Simibox Standard system according to the function and fitting depth required and then choose an appropriate mixer. arwa and Similor Kugler offer a range of pre-assembled sets, including mechanical and thermostatic, which come with or without diverter. A complete installation comprises:

Simibox Light or Simibox Standard

In combination with

Assembly kit with functinal unit and decor 

Discover a choice of our designs:

Mechanical decor sets



SK Triathlon

SK Citypro S

Thermostatic decor sets



arwa-therm  2-Griff

arwa-therm 2-Griff

Decor set Sanimatic Twintronic

Sanimatic Twintronic infra-red controlled washbasin faucet with Bluetooth adapter. Sanimatic Twintronic is installed with Simibox and an accessory kit 7.81038.000.000.


Flexibility and easy handling are indispensable for efficient installation. Practical tools and its modular design make Simibox the optimum flushmounted solution.

Easy preparation
Use the fastening flange as a template to mark the four drill holes. Tools: pencil, spirit level, power drill and circular drill saw for front wall mounting (front wall and surface-mounted versions).

Practical fitting aids
Especially for fitting in walls, installation brackets inclusive of fasteners are available as accessories. These will guarantee a secure installation, even under difficult conditions.

Variable fitting depth
Easy to install: There is a leeway of 25 mm in the installation depth. Should the Simibox have been fitted too deeply initially, extension sets of 25 and 50 mm are available. On the other hand, if not fitted deeply enough, 15 or 30 mm extension rosettes are available

Download Mounting instruction Simibox
Download Mounting instruction vacuum breacker
Download Mounting instruction accessory kit for Sanimatic Twintronic

Installation video