Entdecken Sie die Vorteile und Funktionen unserer Produkte

A good product is not just about an appealing design. Function, ease of use and advanced technology all play an important role. Discover more about our range of product features and benefits here:


Integrated energy and watersaving functions

These Eco functions make it easy to conserve water and energy. Read more about the Eco, Eco+ and FlowControl features.


Outstanding, behind-the-wall technology


Simibox Light & Standard, Simibox 1-Point and Simibox 2-Point flush-mounted boxes offer a number of benefits and come in a range of designs.


High-precision and user friendly

A familiar scenario played out in bathrooms across the world: fiddling with taps to get the temperature right before stepping into the bathtub or shower. Our user-friendly, high-precision thermostat mixers make this a thing of the past.


The perfect combination of rain spray and wall-mounted mixer

Whether you want a complete shower system with mixer and rain spray or just a way to enhance your existing installation, find out about the benefits of our shower stations.