Integrated energy and water-saving functions

Do your bit to save water and energy: even small changes make a big difference. Similor has long been committed to preserving resources. For instance, through revolutionary technical solutions like the Ecototal control cartridge with integrated volume and hot water restraints, which was first launched in 1999, or the Eco and Eco+ water and energy-saving functions, which were launched in 2015. 

The Eco, Eco+ and FlowControl functions make it easy for you to use less water and energy, and therefore do your bit for the environment. Faucets with the Eco+ function, for example, run cold water by default when the lever is in the central home position.

Depending on the cartridge installed, faucets with the Eco function offer standard mixer functionality but incorporate temperature and volume restraints (FlowControl) to draw attention to excess consumption.

For those who prefer a more familiar design, but also want to benefit from the energy-saving function, there are the arwa-twinplus or arwa-cityplus series washbasin faucets, with their 120° swivel angle. Although the lever can be turned a further 30° to the right, it also runs only cold water in the central home position.

The respective functions of each faucet are shown in our catalogues and price lists. Please refer to the relevant icons.

To check if a faucet is fitted with FlowControl, please refer to the relevant icons.

Eco function with temperature restraints

Eco+ function with temperature restraints

Eco+ without temperature restraints

Eco+ 120° function - cold water with lever position middle to the right

Eco+ function for sidelever faucets

FlowControl volume restraints


  • Smart, no-nonsense resource-saving solution for private households
  • 30 % reduction in water and energy consumption thanks to a water-saving flow regulator as well as volume (FlowControl) and temperature restraints
  • Long service life and low maintenance


  • The best saving option for household and public or semi-public spaces as hotels or restaurants
  • No unintentional use of hot water as the faucet runs only cold water when the lever is in the central home position (‘cold water start’)


  • A noticeable resistance is exerted by the volume restraint
  • Once the volume restraint is overridden, the full volume of water is supplied
  • Pleace notice: check our icons to see if a faucet has the function FlowControl

Animation of Ecototal cartridge

Animation of Ecototal cartridge with combined function Eco/Eco+ and FlowControl