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Would you like a rain spray without having to renovate the entire shower or install new connections? Or would you prefer to fit everything to the wall and avoid a flush-mounted solution? If so, our shower stations provide the ideal, cost-effective solution to enhance your shower.

The arwa-twinplus, arwa-cityplus and SK Citypro shower stations can be fitted to most existing connections using a standard 153 mm connection. Thanks to the integrated shower slider bar, shower stations just need to be attached to the wall, giving you a new shower system.

If you wish to use your existing shower mixer, the twin and city shower stations offer two simple fitting solutions. The shower station is connected to the existing shower mixer using a hose connector and is also attached to the wall. And the shower is now as good as new.

If the pre-installed rain spray is too small for you, our twin, arwa-twinplus, city and arwa-cityplus shower stations are also supplied without rain spray, allowing you to customise your shower station. In addition to the rectangular (222 × 342 mm) and oval (226 × 346 mm) designs, circular and square rain sprays are available in a range of sizes. These can be combined with other shower accessories.

Showerstation arwa-twinplus

Showerstation arwa-cityplus

Showerstation SK Citypro

Showerstation twin

Showerstation city

arwa-twinplus and arwa-cityplus shower stations

Available in round and square models, arwa-twinplus and arwa-cityplus thermostatic shower stations meet the very highest design and quality standards. Temperature and volume controls are conveniently located at one side. The sophisticated rain sprays in chrome-plated stainless steel are fitted with an instant non-drip stop valve. The spray arm can be swivelled 30° to the left or right, ensuring that your rain shower is exactly where you want it to be. The angle of the rain spray is also adjustable.

Benefits at a glance

  • Thermostatic mixer with temperature and flow regulators at one side; safety button at 38°; insulated water pipe (the faucet body does not become hot) and a pressure equalising valve to maintain a constant temperature
  • Discreet diverter switch positioned below the faucet to allow simple switching between hand and rain spray
  • Superior slim-design, non-drip rain sprays in chrome-plated stainless steel with a depth of just 2 mm, with limescale-resistant RubiClean shower head nubs.
  • Swivelling spray arm and rain spray
  • Includes the following accessories: rain spray, hand spray with three spray modes, hose; also available without accessories
  • Rain sprays available in a range of sizes
  • Adjustable wall mount: can be adjusted by ± 5 mm (height, side) and by – 7 mm / + 10 mm (depth) during installation

Thermostatic mixer

Showerstation SK Citypro

The thermostatic SK Citypro shower station is the perfect choice when you want quality at an affordable price. The shower station has a thermostatic control system. Switching between the hand and rain sprays is simple thanks to the discreet diverter. The SK Citypro shower station comes complete with accessories.

  • Thermostatic mixer with temperature safety stop at 38° and 9 l/min. volume limit. The button can be used to override the temperature and volume limits
  • Includes the following accessories: ø 200 mm rain spray, AquaJet hand spray and hose
  • Integrated shower slider bar with adjustable hand spray holder
  • Standard 153 mm connection dimensions

Thermostatic mixer

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