1. arwa

    Designing interiors is a matter of personality, understanding them as a reflection of personal lifestyle, a matter of culture. At arwa we aim to create bathroom and kitchen elements that celebrate lifestyle and the freedom to express character. Sought after for their inherent beauty and outstanding quality, they constantly set new benchmarks. Designed for people, who wish to express their personality.

  2. Similor Kugler

    Being at home evokes a special feeling of safety and security, not to mention trust and openness. A feeling that is made up of countless details, appeals to all the senses and remains with us all our lives. At Similor Kugler it motivates us to create something special, transforming that feeling into something you can touch and feel.

  3. Sanimatic

    The increasing mobility of people has also brought with it a heightened demand for hygiene. Sanitary facilities in public areas are accordingly a necessity today. Yet greater comfort invariably also leads to thoughtlessness and complacency. The upshot: excessive water and energy consumption. What’s more, the more frequent use of taps, as is the case in public areas, often impacts negatively on the life expectancy of sanitary equipment. It is precisely here that Sanimatic offers innovative concepts. Intelligent technology does the thinking for people. Durable materials guarantee an above-average life expectancy. And special shapes and designs hinder vandalism.

  4. Similor

  5. Kartell by Laufen

    The epitome of high quality bathroom suites – worldwide. Everything from under the one roof, in quest of perfect bathroom culture. The original foundation of the Keramik Laufen company is its knowledge of the manufacture of ceramics. LAUFEN has been producing washbasins, bidets and toilets from the oldest artificial material known to mankind in the Swiss canton of Baselland for 120 years now – in state-of-the-art plants and with legendary Swiss precision. Born of this ceramics expertise, know-how spanning all aspects of the bathroom has been developed. For Keramik Laufen interprets the bathroom as the oasis of relaxation within one’s own home, fashioned to high design standards.